It’s Not What I Expected

I spent my senior year of college applying to law schools, taking the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT), and attempting to write the perfect essay. Going to law school had been my number one goal since I was 16 years old, and a junior in high school. I waited a long time for that moment.

Being the oldest child out of three children by nine years, and the only one in my family to want to go to law school, I had no one to give me tips or suggestions as to what I needed to expect. My classes in college were all political science, history, english, and sociology, so several of my classmates wanted to attend law school as well. It was an eager and exciting time.

Upon graduation, I spent my summer preparing myself for transition and change. August 2013 came, and so did my first day of law school.

Three years passed, and I was successful, I had fulfilled my goal. I completed and graduated law school. My parents were so proud! I had set the perfect example for my younger sisters. I was ecstatic that I no longer needed more schooling. I had my degrees, and was set for the professional world. A world that I imagined as high paced, surrounded by gladiator attorneys, in my suit and tie, sitting in my oak wood desk, reaching out to as many people as I could, paving the way for young girls, and helping as many people as I could.


I’ve been a public defender for one year, sitting in my plywood desk, underpaid, and overworked. Reality slapped me in the face, and backhanded me twice.

What the heck happened? Do I like my job? Is this what I want to do for the rest of my life? Am I in limbo right now?

I ask myself these questions and so many more daily. I did everything society, my parents, and what I thought I wanted to do: I went to undergrad, I went to law school, and I have a reliable job. So why am I in such a funk?

In this blog, I will document the moments in my career so far as a young professional. This blog is to help other young professionals, professionals of all ages, and students through my experiences. I am not perfect by any means, so please know that I’m not a therapist, or mental health expert. I simply want to share my experiences with those whose life may be in transition from school to profession just like mine. I have learned so many lessons, and have had moments during this transition that I believe can help some people out. My transition is occurring live, so there are several moments that we can experience, learn from, and get through together.

I hope you stay tuned!


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