Wedding Planning: The Beginning

I have started wedding planning, and it is no joke! The wedding industry is overwhelming, and all the lace, glitter, and dazzle is stressful. So far, I can say that I only started dipping my toes, and taking it easy with wedding planning, so I do not get overwhelmed. I can finally say that the date, ceremony, and venue are booked! I believe those three are the most important, and I hope the rest will flow from that with effort.

I want to share some items that I have purchased that have already made my wedding planning experience wonderful, and a lot less stressful. (Nothing from this post is sponsored. Everything is my own opinion, and honestly, the items below have just helped me, so I hope they help you too.)

The first is a book I bought from Barnes and Noble called Bridal Bargains by Denise and Alan Fields.

This book is super helpful. It gives you tips on navigating the wedding industry, and how you can save money doing it too. It has also taught me that there is no perfect wedding, so I do not need to stress about planning a perfect wedding, but planning a wonderful wedding instead. The book helps narrow down ideas, using the pros and cons method, “this” vs. “that,” the most commonly asked questions by brides, and listings. The book is super practical, and there is no BS, which is the way I like to learn.

The second item I bought is the All Essentials Wedding Planner by Alison Hotchkiss.

So far, this wedding planner has been helpful in keeping my wedding planning progress organized. It comes with a helpful timeline of how far in advance certain vendors should be booked, and when I need to get certain things done. The planner helps you learn as you go. You can write things down, and check things off. The planner comes with worksheets where you can gather ideas, and keep track of your work. Below are only a few of the several worksheets and charts you receive to help you keep progress of your work. There are also so many suggestions and tips you receive as you progress along with your work.

Gives you ideas on what questions to ask vendors.
Ideas on floor plans, and gives you a grid to sketch one out yourself.
A sample calendar, and several worksheets to keep track of what you need to do.
Gives you several charts to write down your guests, and where you will sit them.

So far, these items have helped me get all the ideas I have in my mind, out of there, and on paper, where wedding planning becomes more realistic, and doable.

I have learned that wedding planning is a lot about personality, and what YOU want to do, and what YOU want your wedding to be. Also, it has been helpful that Nick and I have been to several weddings, because I am thinking of incorporating some of those ideas into my own wedding.

Each wedding is so unique, and beautiful that I am so grateful that I have been a guest to so many, and been a witness to so many beautiful couples, enjoying their best day ever!

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