Wedding Season In Review

Ya’ll, wedding season started in April this year, and it has come to an end, as I attended my last wedding for the year just a couple of weeks ago. I have drawn so much inspiration from each wedding I attended. Each wedding is unique, and is a representation of each couple.

Wedding season started for me in Florida this year. That’s right, the Sunshine State! Although it was a tad bit cloudy when I was there, there was nothing to worry about, however, as that particular wedding turned in a mini-weekend vacation for both me and Nick. This wedding embodied everything modern. There was good food and even better cocktails. The simplicity of the decor tied in the modern reception. My favorite part of this wedding was that when we walked out the door, the beach was right there! There’s no better view at the reception than that of the beach.

The second wedding we attended was in good ole Winchester, Kentucky. A beautiful outdoor ceremony followed by an evening of dancing at the Opera House. This wedding reminded me of everything Kentucky. As soon as we arrived at the reception, we were well taken care of with hors d’oeuvres and cocktails. The hydrangea centerpieces tied in the elegance of the reception. However, I think my favorite part of this wedding was the bride’s dress! Oh man, was that one of the most beautiful dresses I have ever seen. A ball gown with silver, layered detail. It doesn’t get better than a good looking bride!

The last wedding we attended took us on a four-hour road trip out west (not what you’re thinking). For our final wedding of the season, we went to Owensboro, Kentucky. This wedding was absolutely beautiful. Following a Catholic mass, the invitees headed to the convention center for the reception. A reception to die for! What I liked the best about this wedding was the hidden details. For example, they gave out flip flops so we could take off those uncomfortable shoes, and hit the dance floor! There was also after dinner pizza for those who had the drunk munchies. From the indoor bar, to the outdoor bar, this wedding was the definition of the way to celebrate love.

And now begins that long drought as one wedding season comes to an end and we wait on another to begin. This time it will be different though, as I anticipate my own wedding next season. Although there is still a lot of planning to be done, rest assured it will be one for the books.

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