The First Pitch

Last Monday was a special day for Nick, because as a life-long Reds fanatic, he threw out the first pitch at the baseball game on Labor Day! To throw out the first pitch, you have to contact the marketing department for the Cincinnati Reds, which he did through Instagram. After a few messages, he got a number, and after leaving a message, he got a call back. After finding out that he was going to throw out the first pitch, we got tickets in the mail. We got four promotional tickets that allowed us to go out on the field.

An intern picks you up at a designated meeting spot, and takes you out to the field. While Nick threw out the first pitch, his brother played catcher. My sister and I got to take video from the side. Although it was literally the hottest day of the summer, it was still a pretty cool experience! It took a total of about 45 minutes to throw out the first pitch, with the waiting and all. Even though we didn’t see any players on the field while we were on the field, we did see all the mascots. This experience was definitely one for the books!

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